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Mercedes Club
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You know the drill, you want to go to the gym, maybe even join one, but they’re all so expensive. Then when you pay a fee every month and work gets in the way and you can’t go more than once or twice a month, the money-guilt sets in even more than the workout guilt.

Well what if we told you we have a solution?

Popin gave us a 5 day trial of their new app which lets you try out gyms, on your time. It was so simple.

All you do is set up an account and link your credit card. Right now, Popin’s selections include 1 of 4 gym locations including 3 from Complete Body and 1 from Mercedes Club.

Once you arrive at the gym, you just scan the bar code on their iPad, on your way in and out, and the app logs how much time you spent there and charges you a cents-per-minute-fee. You can basically pay the price of a salad for your gym session.

The Complete Body gym reminds me of an old-school 80’s movie. The gym is full of treadmills, ellipticals, and strength training equipment. One big problem I had while here, was how crowded it was. Also for non-gym-goers like me, the strength-training machines were a bit difficult to maneuver as you had to lift the barbells onto the apparatus yourself.

Two of the three locations do have pools, which makes for a great alternative workout, especially during summertime. They also have fully decked showers (towels included) and a juice/smoothie bar by the entrance with some great selections.

The other gym offered is the Mercedes Club. This gym was truly impressive. Housed on the fourth floor of an apartment complex, the club was decked out with equipment that looked pristine and new. They have spin bikes with TV’s, which transports you to feel as if you’re biking on a trail. There was also tons of ellipticals, treadmills, stair masters, and strength-training options as far as the eye can see.

And if you’re looking for a pool here, you’ve got that too- indoor and outdoor. They also have a basketball court, boxing room and room for spin classes. Their class schedule is impressive, and to relax afterwards bathrooms are complete with saunas so you can steam the stress away.

For a quick and inexpensive gym option that will switch up your routine, Popin is a great way to go. You can download the app here!

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  1. I use Popin! too & love it.
    The Complete Body Gym at Hanover Square is almost never crowded. Plus lots of private trainers train there so you see a lot of cool stuff…

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