“Taste of Iceland” Takes Over Brooklyn

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On September 27th  We got a head start on the Icelandic Celebration “Taste Of Iceland” which took over multiple well know venues in Brooklyn during their four day celebration of Iceland cuisine, art, and culture, from September 28th – October 1st. Over the course of those days the festival offered events such as an authentic dinner experience, an Icelandic cocktail class, an Icelandic short film festival, a literature writing event, a visual art scene discussion and of course Icelandic Music.

We decided that the best way Iceland was going to get to our hearts was through our stomach! We literally got a taste of Iceland at Restaurant Norman,  a casual yet refined eatery, bakery & bar with a Scandinavian pedigree in the A/D/O design space in Greenpoint. In honor of the celebration, one of Iceland’s most honored culinary experts and prestigious Chef Viktor Örn Andresson along side Norman’s Chef Andrew Whitcomb, and a their highly detailed and oriented culinary team served us an authentic Icelandic meal off of their four day “Taste of Iceland” pop-up four course prix fixé menu.

We mingled in true Icelandic fashion over signature cocktails created and served by award winning Iceland mixologist Kári Sigurosson . All three cocktails highlighted Iceland’s signature spirits the Reyka Vodka and Brennivin. We sipped on these delicious libations as we mingled with the likes of Eliza Reid, the First Lady of Iceland and co-founder of the Iceland Writers Retreat.

Prior to each course, Chef Viktor Örn Andresson gave us an in depth explanation of the authentic dish we dinned on, as well as explaining the importance of eating locally sourced food back home. Iceland takes a lot of pride in preserving their traditions. He spoiled was with a Nordic menu utilizing key Icelandic ingredients such as Artic Char, Langostine, oysters and wild berries.  Feast your eyes on this spectacular meal.

First Course
Artic char
Slowly cooked and lightly smoked Arctic char,with dill, green apples, roe, and Icelandic buttermilk

Credit: NYC Plugged

Second Course
Icelandic Langoustine
Grilled langoustine – Spruce – Langoustine soup

Credit: NYC Plugged

Third Course
Icelandic Lamb
Fried fillet of lamb and grilled lamb sirloin spices with Arctic thyme, potatoes, brown butter and red cabbage

Credit: NYC Plugged

Fourth Course
Icelandic Skyr and wild blueberries
Warm blueberry cake with chocolate and hazelnuts

Credit: NYC Plugged

This meal was so delicious it has us seeing Northern Lights. It left us hungry for more knowledge and with a better understanding of the Icelandic culture. Hey, we may even do a blog post about our trip to Iceland some day! Sadly the Taste of Iceland cultural festival left us this past Sunday, but it’s continuing to spread the word in Seattle on October 12th-15th at it’s last stop in Toronto November 9th-12th. For Further information on how to join the party and all things Iceland, check out their website here. If you unable to travel, you can have a taste of Norman’s complete Scandinavian menu by making a reservation at www.openable.com

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