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Credit: RK PR

Are limits society driven? Are they created out of personal fear? Or, are they there for us to fall back on, in order to create the excuse that something just simply can’t be done? After traveling for the past 24 months, photographer, Kourosh Keynejad is able to say that the term “limit” doesn’t actually exist.

Credit: Kourosh Keynejad

For his first solo exhibition, the artist released his collection, “No Limits,” at Parasol Projects , running November 2nd- November 4th. Supporting the title, were breathtaking images taken from in various areas in the world such as Mexico, the Faroe Islands, Cuba and so many more.


Credit: Kourosh Keynejad

The title of the collection stems from the artist’s own personal journey over the past few years, one which happens to be captured through his lens.

“The journey is about growing. Pushing myself to what has felt like my physical and mental limit at times – and proved myself wrong over and over again.”  He realized however, that one can surpass their limits, no matter how challenging. Whether it was travelling in extreme weather conditions on foot for hundreds of miles or finding himself in dangerous situations he couldn’t imagine before deciding to take the travelling plunge.

Credit: Kourosh Keynejad

He also believes that the concept of some limits have yet to be discovered. “There are still wild animals who know nothing of mankind’s society and cultures which still live off the land and don’t over-consume beyond their needs.”  With that, there’s much that hasn’t even be thought of yet. 

At one time, photography was only a hobby for the artist, but he turned it into a full passion after vacationing back in 2016. Keynejad has since, visited over 50 countries and 5 continents, capturing photos ranging from wildlife shots to aerial views, capturing some of nature’s unimaginable beauty through a unique perspective.

Credit: Kourosh Keynejad

Credit: Kourosh Keynejad

Discover more of Keynejad’s work here.

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