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EXKITE is a fashion brand which carries a background different from others.

The Italian brand, was founded by pro kite surfer Renzo Mancini in 2006 in Sardinia, Italy. Each piece from EXKITE incorporates parts of pre flown kite sails, which would have otherwise been destroyed. Each one of a kind piece has a history behind them and on the inside of all jackets and vests you’ll find the previous owner of the kite, where it was flown, and the model.

New to the United States, Mancini originally started collecting kites that were about to be thrown out during his time as a pro kite surfer. “I never wanted to see them tossed aside, I wanted to give them a new life,” says Mancini. With his collected material and passion for the sport and with his wife and business partner, Norwegian designer Eirinn Skrede’s knowledge of style and the fashion community, the two launched the brand. The idea is for customers to #WearAStory with these one-of-a-kind garments, which can never be mass produced due to the limited fabric from one kite.

This past February, EXKITE was the latest design collaborator for the cutting edge H.Lorenzo.
The H.Lorenzo boutique, based in Los Angeles, California, is one of the hottest spots for forward thinking & upscale fashion, just like EXKITE. This limited collection was designed exclusively for the boutique and will be available , in store (see below).  Jackets as always can also be purchased on the EXKITE website. The jackets retail for around $493.

I got the chance to check out the merchandise in person and all I can say is yes..yes…yes! The fit was perfect and the inside is insulated for the more chilly days. My favorite was the one with the purple exterior.

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