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Oh coffee! There’s no better feeling in the morning than waking up to the smell of the fresh Cup of Joe, brewing from the kitchen, making it an essential part of your daily routine for success. Last weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to learn, experience, and get a caffeine high from different varieties of coffee, all in one spot by attending The New York Coffee Festival at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Celebrating its fourth year, the festival is all about showcasing an interactive experience to its guests’ through free samples and demos ranging from coffee drinks to their matching, innovative creamers.

I had the chance to go out of my comfort zone, which was weird since I find myself to be such the caffeine addict. I tried a range of flavors and coffees infused with different creamers like cashew milk, and protein nitro creamer. I even sampled a smore’s chai tea, which was one of my favorites.

Credit: NYC Plugged

Over 100 different exhibitors attended to show their craft, such as Joe Coffee Company, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Bio Hazard Coffee. There were even exhibitors such as Slayer Espresso and Hario showing off the hefty equipment it takes to get the magical drink from bean to brew.

Credit: NYC Plugged

Walking around, the event was immersive, where baristas were showing their individual talents. Baristas were competing for the festival’s barista competition, where the winner took home a $5,000 prize and the title Coffee Master.

Each vendor was unique in their style, and no part of the room was the same. La Marzocco Café set up their booth like they were on a basketball court whereas Brooklyn Roasting Company was giving retro vibes.

However, coffee wasn’t the only thing going down at the event. There was live entertainment from emerging artists while people lounged, sipping on their drinks. Food vendors aplenty, many were prepared to set up a plate when guests needed a small break from the caffeine.

There was also an art contest being sponsored by Project Waterfall, a nonprofit striving to bring clean water in several countries to people in need. Being the addict I am, this is an event that I would want to go to several times per year. Although, some of the best things come in limited quantities (or time periods), am I right?

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