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On Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 New York City residents and beyond did what they do best, and braved the wet and cold terrain to party! The party this time around, was Pandora Holiday Live with The 1975, BASTILLE, and Bishop Briggs at Pier 36.

Space and Sponsors

The space was huge and allowed guests to imbibe and have fun with the sponsors: Advance Auto Parts, Clorox, EXPRESS, Ford, Garmin, Mentos, Miller, Nature’s Sleep, and Spectrum. Spectrum was giving out gloves and wristbands for the VIP area which included drinks if you got a picture on their Instagram or Facebook. Mentos had a huge ball pit where guests could jump in and snap a pic and receive a bluetooth speaker; while adjacent to the station was Express giving out custom screen printed T-shirts.

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Upon arrival, guests were handed a Pandora tote bag which contained an Express glowstick and a scorecard to grab a stamp from each sponsor and when once completed guests could receive a special surprise. Prizes ranged from gloves, Mentos, speakers, earphones, Clorox wipes, Pandora gift wrap (a stamped item), and sleep eye masks.


As guests entered the ginormous venue, they were greeted by the lights and sounds of the DJ Snakehips.  Later, British musician Bishop Briggs gave a cool performance with two buns in her hair. Following her act BASTILLE, the British indie pop band, who performed their popular song Pompeii amongst others. Intermittently, DJ Snakehips also covered between artists with some killer dance tunes. Finally, the main act, the 1975, took the stage and added the much anticipated finishing touch as they serenaded the crowd with some of their songs such as: Chocolate and Somebody Else.

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A New York City party isn’t quite complete without beverages flowing. Luckily, the event was sponsored by Miller Lite. Attendees could acquire these drinks gratis either by scouting out someone with an iPad, posting pics to social media for Spectrum or VIP+. One could acquire either beer, liquor, water or other assorted drinks. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating the whole night.

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An event is only as good as the team that is dedicated to success and presentation so a word of thanks to all the sponsors and of course the awesome production team and others that made the night possible. Without them thousands of New Yorkers wouldn’t have had the awesome respite from the world.

You can still tune into Pandora Holiday Live station to hear the whole concert, HERE

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