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A couple months back, the Museum of Pizza was announced to New York City and, let’s be real, it felt all too appropriate to launch a pop-up dedicated to the beauty of pies. It’s a quintessential part of the Big Apple’s stomping grounds. After a lengthy roll-out plan, the immersive art experience opened shop for media last Friday, the night before its official opening at the William Vale in Williamsburg. It offered up photo-ops, free slices and a seasoned crowd of Instagram influencers, like foodbabyny but was it worth the wait?

Similar to other pop-up, the Museum of Pizza finds its acclaim in a concept so simple that it’s hard not to be interested. Just ask yourself: “Who doesn’t love pizza?” Upon entering the venue, folks were met with a wall of different pizza boxes, setting up the perfect introduction to the museum. However, the intro presentation’s dependency on simplicity continued on throughout the exhibit, further showcasing almost too simple and almost uninspired approaches. While the concepts remained intact, the designs fell flat and attendees seem to take notice as there were little to no lines, traffic or spectators unless you were chopping it up at the finale parlor room, which served as a go-to spot to grab drinks and some slices. To be fair, the pizza-styled projection vortex allowed visitors to take snaps in front of an endless wormhole of pies and that in itself was a highlight.

Back at the final room, music, servers and a crowd of folks filled the exit and, boy, did the pizza slices feel endless. Seamless, a partner with the museum, set up a confession style booth, which invited guests to head on in and answer some of the juicy questions about, low and behold, pizza, with a $5 discount coupon ready at the end of the questionnaire. It was a nice way to wrap up the experience, but in the end, Museum of Pizza ended up feeling a bit like your dollar slice; it’s tasty, but you just want a little more! Experience the museum for yourself, with tickets priced at $35 per head.

The Museum of Pizza is currently open until November 18th!

The Museum of Pizza
111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Instagram: @themuseumofpizza

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