Meet The Team



Born and raised in NYC, nothing feeds the soul like the best of music, art and food. As a New Yorker by heart, I’m into experiencing new things and scoping out all the awesomeness of this big ol’ city, while sharing those experiences with you!



My name is Ashley and I am a New Yorker through and through. And when looking for ways to experience NYC, I’ve learned the best way is through food (and drinks of course). As a native New Yorker, I take advantage of the fact that we have a ton of bests when it comes to food, fashion, concerts and everything in between. I pledge to do my best to find the bests of everything there is to do in NYC, and share them with you. Can’t wait to share my love of trying new things, so you can share in my joy, fun, (and weight gain).



A thirty-something full-time music junkie, living in Brooklyn, New York, my writing credentials include iHeartRadio, MTV, BET, VH1, Fuse TV, BreatheHeavy and more. In my spare time, I enjoys watching horror films, eating pepperoni pizza and (most anything) that Britney touches.



Wandering into amazing places is my love language. I am a dancer, turned young corporate professional, turned content creator and entrepreneur. The sky is the limit and there are no limits on the experiences in New York City. I am excited to bring people together by sharing all the adventure and opportunity this city can give us!


Events Assistant

I consider myself to be a fancy food finder in NY and beyond. I grew up in the tri-state area and I’m constantly amazed by the new additions to neighborhoods, new restaurants, pop-ups and experiences that we get to see. In addition to food, I’m a huge fan of travel and wine.


Special Projects Assistant

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I have always been a natural city or even countryside explorer. Having gone to college in upstate NY – SUNY Plattsburgh – I have learned the ins and outs of blending in, almost like a chameleon. I currently work for a non-profit organization, managing and coordinating programs for students interested in health-care. At other times I’m on the beat of NYC Events. I hope to combine these elements one day with my other passion- travel!