Want to submit an event to be listed on nycplugged.com? You’re in the right place!

Read below for the suggested info to submit, the more details the better. Once you have gathered all the information, you can submit your event through our contact page HERE for consideration.

  • Name: Name of event, any event specific hashtags or mentions?
  • Address: Name of venue (if applicable) and street address
  • Date(s): Is it a one time event OR an ongoing event (start date and end date)?
  • Start and end times: What time does the event start; doors; performances?
  • How to access the event: Is the event free? Open to the public? Requires RSVP? Paid Event? (how much)
  • Details: What should readers look forward to at the event? Any appearances, complimentary items?
  • Photos or images: Flyer/promotional image, product image
  • Url links: Where can readers RSVP, purchase tickets, or find out more about the event?
  • Any additional questions or information relevant to the event, based on entry, policies, etc.

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We will be in contact if additional information is needed.

Thank You!