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In honor of Spring time (well, hardly yet here in NYC), last Wednesday, March 1st, Segura Viudas, a brand of Spanish sparkling wine, otherwise known as “cava,” hosted their first NYC party – a private soiree, toasting to their Open Up campaign at Paul’s Baby Grand. And yes, if you have to ask, we “opened up,” both mentally (as a people) and physically (bottles of the delicious Segura Viudas Cava).

The evening bubbled with energy and was attended by bloggers, stylists, artists, and other influencers around New York City. The “Open Up” Segura Viudas Campaign is all about spontaneous energy, mingling with new people, “opening up” to new experiences, and leaving ones comfort zone behind.

Segura Viudas Cava and inspired cocktails flowed throughout the vibrant lounge, located by the Roxy Hotel in TriBeCa, as attendees danced to fellow SV partner and collaborator, DJ Anna Lunoe,  and posed for the “photo booth for perfect strangers.” Upon entering, guests are greeted by two “Cava Girls” dressed in plastic bubbles standing in front of an upright botany of potted plants, such as mint leaves, encouraging guests to choose their garnish of choice for cocktails.

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