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agnès b. Galerie Boutique
50 Howard Street

agnès b. is pleased to announce the publication of WHQ, a book of photographs by New York artist Craig Costello. WHQ features portraits of over 50 artists and friends who visited the Krink studio from 2014 – 2017, affectionately referred to as “The WHQ.” The 96-page book includes a foreword by fellow artist Stephen Powers. WHQ is a glimpse into a culture of creatives, showcasing their style and personality. Each photograph was made in front of the studio’s door, which became the established set.

The door served not only as a static backdrop, but also a colorful, collaborative canvas. Curated by Costello, the door gradually collected the marks left by friends invited to write and draw using Krink markers. The door, now a completed work, will be installed and on view at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique in NYC, April 6 – May 28, 2017.

The opening reception will feature a performance by Boy Harsher; a dark electronic duo producing gritty dance beats infused with ethereal voices, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable.

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