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The Yard: Herald Square
106 West 32nd Street

BE WELL is a gathering for eye-opening discussions towards improving your mind and body.

The kick-off event presented by The Yard and TRU HAUS, is the first of The Yard Wellness Program’s new quarterly events series. BE WELL will bring together members from The Yard’s coworking community, partners in the health and wellness fields, and local experts for an evening of discussions with a panel of experts, DIY activities, and some easy meditation.

At the beginning of the night, we will set our intention to create a dialogue between like-minded professionals and expand networks to highlight the nitty-gritty details about building a business, cornering a market and answering all the questions you might be afraid to ask.

The evening will include:
-Wellness marketplace where you can sample, learn more and purchase goods to augment your daily routine from companies including Lavido, Mowellens, SoulCycle, Temple Turmeric, Virtue Labs, Even Keel Soap, Ollie’s Fizzies, Equinox, and more!
-DIY stations to come away with new skills like making an Avocado Rose with Avocaderia
-An engaging discussion with panelists from Mowellens, Vie Meditation, Body By Emily and Human@Ease moderated by The Yard’s own wellness leader and founder of TRU HAUS Gabriella Truglio.
-Opening meditation
-A raffle for some amazing goodies to bring into your home and practice with goodies from FlyWheel, Naturopathica, Montauk Salt Cave, lululemon, Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle, TRU HAUS, and more!
-Delicious food and drink from leaders and emerging brands in the wellness space including Harmless Harvest, Sound Tea, Soozy’s, Gotham Greens, Juice Society, Munk Pack, Superlost Coffee, Avocaderia, Modestine Tea and More

5:30 – Marketplace opens
6:00 – Opening meditation led by Julie Sacks
6:15 – DIY Stations Open
7:00 – Panel
8:15 – Last call in the Marketplace

ABOUT THE PANEL: Self Care & Work-Life Balance
Self-care has become so much work, that it’s become just another thing on the To-Do List. What does self-care look like for you? The truth is, you don’t have to become a yogi overnight! Our panel will share how the modern-day hustler can start incorporating this practice into their life in natural ways.

Our Panel:
Amy Duncan, Founder, Mowellens
Julie Sacks, Vedic Meditation Teacher + Founder, Vie
Emily Samuel, Owner, Body By Emily
Dishan Elise, Owner, Human@Ease

Gabriella Truglio, Operations Manager, The Yard + Founder, TRU HAUS

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