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The 12th Annual Coffee and Tea Festival took place the weekend of March 18th.The festival was once again held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, in Greenpoint. Over 75 exhibitors from around the world participated. Patrons walked from booth to booth, as vendors poured tastings of their finest coffees and teas. In addition to being able to try and buy many of the products on the spot, there were two full days of educational seminars for both coffee and tea enthusiasts.

As a New Yorker, there were a couple of familiar favorites. Toby’s Estate Coffee was there with a full barista station. Their Cortado, which is a beverage that consists of espresso coffee mixed with a roughly equal amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity, was a crowd pleaser. For those craving caffeine over ice, they had their “black & white” iced coffee on tap.

Cafe Grumpy who’s first coffee shop was actually in Greenpoint, BK was also their offering several, medium bodied coffees as well as their famous cold brew coffee. They are well known for their single cup brewing, talk about feeling special!

Credit: NYC Plugged

A new face and one we were very excited to try was Rise Coffee Co. They were, let’s say the “Bad Boys” at the party. Serving up a “Nitro Cold Brew Coffee” straight out of a keg. It was very impressive, it poured like a beer, with 1.5 times the caffeine than your average cup of Joe and 80% less acidic than home brew coffee; Making this one a winner!  

Now for those were seeking a pick me up without the coffee taste. Harney & Sons and Craft Tea Guy among others had a huge selection of caffeinated and non caffeinated teas to chose from.

Yerbate Mate was also well represented by Wise Ape Tea Co. who was severing their “ChocolateHustle” which promised Focus, Energy, and Clarity. We all need some of that!

Among the most popular of teas, is green tea. Lately we have seen a bigger presence of Matcha drinks and Matcha bars in New York. For those who were not too aware of matcha and it’s benefits. Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea in Japan and China. Ippodo Tea was there to lead the way. They showed us step by step how to properly prepare a premium cup of Matcha. After being in awe and enjoying several cups, I did walk away with a steady calm energy that lasted for hours. If you interested in the traditional Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony which centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha as hot tea and embodies a meditative spiritual style, you can visit Ippodo Tea 125 East 39th Street for the real deal experience.

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