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Can the bottle on your shelf reflect your lifestyle? Your desires? Your mood? Your night? Absolut-ly! As one of the world’s most recognized and beautifully marketed brands of vodka, Absolut has managed to generate flavors and “styles” suiting a range of tastes, attitudes, and even feelings, attracting consumers everywhere around the world.

Absolut carries a colorful line of vodka personalities across all of its bottles, ranging from straight and classic flavors, to fruity “Berri Acai”, to even places like “San Franciso.” Absolut demonstrates that a flavor doesn’t just have to be a mixer– it can be a word, or a vibe, a place—and all the goodness that we the consumers chose to associate with it.

Absolut Electrik, the latest limited edition bottle inducted into the Absolut family, revealed its “electrik” magic to consumers last Friday, November 4th at ARTBEAM in Chelsea, in a night where guests reveled in house music, cocktails, and dancing under fluorescent blue lights.

The night certainly exemplified a powerful “Electrik” aesthetic throughout all aspects of the event’s composition—from its cool blue light displays, energetic music performances by KREAM and Cash Cash, motion sensing dance floor, futuristic performers mingling with guests, and of course the constant flow of crowd pleasing Absolut craft cocktails and the cheersing of neon blue shots between friends and fellow consumers.

Consumers attending the event were able to preview the Absolut Electrik bottle design, featured in electrik blue, reflecting the events overall “Electrik” feel. As marketed by Absolut on its new end of year holiday limited edition, “the color represents Absolut’s signature cobalt blue. Reflecting an Electrik aesthetic reminiscent of flashing lights and pumping beats.”

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