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Liffey Van Lines, Inc
234 East 121st Street

Immersive Experience Pop-Up.

Designed as a rolling installation, Enchanté is a curated, immersive exhibit that explores the idea of multiplicity and takes the observer into a realm with repeated designs, collaborative projects between artists, and sequential images. A residential interior complete with a living room, master bedroom and bathroom, the install is set inside a 53ft long freight truck belonging to moving experts, Liffey Van Lines.

Enchantè’s detailed representation of a contemporary, and lived-in home nestled within a brutalist mechanical exterior, plays with the juxtaposition of reality and unexpected reality. As you turn the corner and see what appears to be a freight truck, your focus is suddenly sequestered by an open portal into someone’s home.

Pre-Sale Tickets available here or on location, Just show your confirmation email for access!

Merchandise and Membership Sign Up will be available at the Pop-Up.

Tickets: $15


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