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Doors 6:30
Space Ninety 8
98 N. 6th Street

Join us for the Film Premiere of Significant One directed by Melissa Czarnik and album release of her Rainbow Skies EP

Special guest performances by Ali Carter and Lynette Williams followed by a screening of the film and conversation with the actors

Significant One starring Lynette Williams and Joel L. Daniels is a smart romantic comedy that mashes contentious flirting, the denial of attraction, and soul searching between two strangers, in a way that brilliantly takes ingredients from Aziz Ansari’s Master of None and Woody Allen’s Manhattan to create the perfect recipe.

Rainbow Skies is the brainchild of poet and emcee Melissa Czarnik’s hard hitting and melodic flow, who has been called by Bitch Magazine, “an inspiration to young emcees everywhere.” Her 90s era storytelling evokes memories of her early inspirations like Nas, Lauryn Hill and Ani Difranco. There’s one thing that all Czarnik fans can say, is that the soulful fluid rapper has produced a surprising, potent and thoughtful mix of funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop, a genre-defying sound that music lovers of all types can get behind.

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