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There’s a new pizza spot in town called &pizza (it’s first NYC location) and it’s probably one of the most customizable and unique in NYC to date!

When New Yorkers talk about pizza, they probably already have their top 5 favorite pizza spots lined up in their head. They would probably think that pizza from anywhere but NYC won’t be able to compete, but this D.C. chain, does just that. Their oblong pies are pretty reasonably priced at $10, as the consumer is allowed to add toppings from, jalapeño and eggs, to finishes like pickled red onion and cherry bomb bbq…definitely made for the foodie adventurer. In addition to custom pies they have tried and true pies which are specially curated, all great for sharing with your homies. They also have crafted cocktails, beer, wine, teas and other assorted beverages.

The ambiance and atmosphere of the location is truly remarkable with their employees unified with the ever so subtle and yet specific ampersand “&” tattoos, and dope uniforms, just to name a few. This screams solidarity while still being unique.

This pizza shop even has its own art catalogue featuring local graffiti artists and monumental achievements from their first five years of its existence. The swag, from the shirts, to bandanas, and hats shows a linear collaboration between the pizza company and local artists and seemingly fosters the sense of unity they strive for.

Credit: NYC Plugged

The public grand opening took place last Tuesday, and had a lot of giveaways and one special sort of jackpot for 22 lucky and early guests. The scoop was that if you got one of the complimentary ampersand tattoos you would be eligible for free pizza for the year. Not a bad bargain for some banging pizza, which can be tailored to basically any dietary restriction. It comes locally sourced when possible, without GMOs or MSG and is made with organic dough or gluten free dough.

A fan favorite was the unusual but delicious Farmer’s Daughter which comes topped with an egg (scrambled or over easy)! The dessert pizza, named the Lori Lane, is as good as it looks because who doesn’t just want to tear into something sweet after devouring something savory? Regardless, all of the pizzas are a win taste bud wise, and the possibilities are endless with the customization options.

&pizza has a charitable counterpart, &CHARITY, which has supported over 1,000 organizations since the program’s inception through the Buy One, Give One campaign. During its opening weekend for every pizza sold, &pizza donated one to FoodCorps, a NYC-based organization that connects kids to healthy food in schools.

Other exciting initiatives include an ongoing Summer DJ Residency – Beats x Eats, featuring up and coming musicians like Angel + Dren, Ms. Nix, and Alexandra Richards. From 12-2pm on Thursdays, DJs will be spinning tunes for the lunch crowd. There is the “Little Giants” program which partners with local businesses including Luke’s Lobster, Mike’s Hot Honey, and Fine & Raw. All of which lend to the menu items.

&pizza also supports local artists like Bisco Smith and Tony Rubin, whose art can be seen on their NoMad shop walls. According to co-founder Michael Lastoria, cultivating community and creativity is a focal point of &pizza’s identity.

The NoMad spot is &pizza’s 22nd location on the east coast, and is located at 15 W 28th Street. Check it out for yourself,  you won’t be disappointed! ?

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