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On cold New York nights, we all have two choices. Stay in and get snuggly in our PJs while indulging on food we may or may not regret tomorrow or suck it up, put on our nicest outfits and go for a night on the town, knowing a great cocktail and imaginative eats will be our blanket if we need it. Last week, the opportunity to do just that was presented by Pinch Food Design.

The iconic caterer curates events with food that makes heads turn. I’m talking tuna beet pinchforks, mini foie gras bites, incredibly airy truffle puffs and more. And all of these delectable bites are presented in even more tantalizing ways, like floating from the ceiling, hanging on a framed display and more.

And now, they’re entering the cocktail world. Their event was a blowout to introduce Twist by Pinch, their innovative take on mixology. Starting this month, Pinch’s Twist will be bringing their imaginative experiences to catered events, like a bar’s mixologist, but beyond a set of doors.

The booths at the event ranged from drip balons of wine, portable produce carts where cocktails are made in a French Press and drinks sifted through the ingredients that make them a cocktail.

The cool thing is that they don’t just focus on mixologists to create these crazy cocktail experiences. They work with designers, mixologists and culinarians to engage guests before serving them.

I’m usually a wine person, and the wine balons were pretty fun to watch, kind of like those timers filled with sand. But the cocktails were not to be missed. The first cocktail station was a mix of fresh fruits into a juice that was then added to a French Press along with some rum. The result was an amazing sweet drink with a limited alcohol taste.

As we moved on the the next drink station we were stopped several times. Once to see another drink- the Cotton Candy Old Fashioned. The drink had a garnish of cotton candy that we were instructed to dip into the alcohol and allow to melt so the flavors meshed. This one was a bit stronger than the last drink and had a great smoky flavor to it too.

There was a full service bar, mixing their takes on classic drinks, while still utilizing their crazy methods. For instance, one of their gin drinks was poured down an ice luge into a bowl of dry ice, then dripped into a glass.

At the last station, we sipped on the Pour-over, another slightly fruity and a bit floral mixture made by pouring a cocktail mix over herbs for flavor infusion and garnished with a pretty purple hibiscus.

Want Twist at your next party or celebration? Learn more about their stations here!

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