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Last Wednesday (February 15th), Jose Cuervo Celebrated 222 Years. Held at the classy Kola House, the festivities unveiled the exclusive launch of the limited edition capsule collection. Bottles designed by Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, were matched with apparel by Honduran designer Carlos Campos, who also recently showed his collection at New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Each piece features a unique design which embodies the artwork created for limited edition bottles, telling the story of Cuervo’s history: The Heart, The Lady, The Devil and The Music.

The space was totally transformed as the bottles and apparel were on display to view up close and personal. The night also included passed Mexican inspired hors d’oeuvres, mixed cocktails like the grapefruit infused Paloma, a spicy El Diablo and the good old college days drink of choice, the Tequila Sunrise all using Jose Cuervo Silver. The Classic Margarita went well with the Jose Cuervo Gold.

Both Ricardo and Carlos were also amongst the crowd, Carlos with his Cuervo x Cavolo x Campos T-shirt and Ricardo self designed jacket.

Carlos Campos

The Extortionists (Ibe Soliman & Dao-Yi Chow (Co-founder of Public School)) had everyone hyped all night by holding down an epic DJ Set with classic Hip-hop and R&B.

The Extortionists

Learn a little more bout the collaboration below!

Jose Cuervo chose to partner with artist Ricardo Cavolo and Latin American fashion designer Carlos Campos to create a capsule collection inspired by the bottle series. Carlos for his bold and convention breaking spirit as both a designer and American entrepreneur, the same spirit that has empowered Jose Cuervo, since its earliest days, to become the leading tequila in the world. Jose Cuervo has inspired and fueled creativity throughout its colorful 222 year old history, fueling creativity with artists like Ricardo Cavolo, Carlos Campos and the Rolling Stones.

The Collection
Credit: Jose Cuervo

The three-piece collection encompasses the heart of the brand and includes:

THE HEART OF AN INDUSTRY In 1795, the King of Spain granted Jose Antonio de Cuervo the first royal concession ever to produce tequila commercially. This singular event marked the birth of the tequila category, and made Jose Cuervo the heart of an entire industry

THE DEVIL’S WATER When three barrels of Jose Cuervo tequila first crossed the border to the United States in 1873 the few Americans who dared to drink the fiery liquor claimed a spot among the last rogues of the West. The simple act of drinking Agua Del Diablo (the Devil’s water) imbued adventure at a time when Americans saw tequila as a mysterious, dangerous liquor

A SPECIAL LADY In Mexico’s tumultuous years following its revolution, Jose Cuervo broke social convention by anointing a woman, Ana Gonzalez-Rubio y de la Torre, as the head of the entire company. Jose Cuervo and its iconic brand of tequila would not be where it is today without this lady’s leadership and guidance in times of turmoil

A MUSIC INSPIRATION As the spirit of intense expression, Jose Cuervo has inspired and fueled creativity in song. From the Rolling Stones’ legendary 1972 Tequila Sunrise Tour to countless agave-inspired anthems, Jose Cuervo continues to instigate and accent legendary performances as well as singular timeless moments throughout musical history

Bottles are available on ReserveBar.com and stores nationwide!

More and Get Your Own Bottle Here!

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