Kettlebell Kitchen’s New Take on Eating Right Will Heal Your Fear of Kettlebells

Credit: Kettlebell Kitchen


Trying to eat healthy can be pretty hard. Especially for a working professional, who is constantly running around and on the move. Between meetings during the day and networking, or trying to have a social life at night, the last thing we want to be doing is preparing our own food at the end of the day or in our precious spare time.

Enter Kettlebell Kitchen. They reached out to us to give their service a try and we even got a chance to pick the brain of the mastermind behind the service., Kettlebell Kitchen’s President Greg Grossman. Of the dozens of delivery services, out there, we have to say its unique take on the industry is pretty smart.

Kettlebell Kitchen creates nutritionally balanced meals in all dietary genres from paleo to keto to Whole30 and more, for those looking to achieve new fitness goals from muscle gain to fat loss, or endurance to just improved overall health. They’ve also just teamed up with Munchery to offer its meals to the East coast, in addition to its reach out West.

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Our trial included a granola-like cereal (complete with mini almond milk), parsnip sausage and hash and a sesame noodles salad. The veggie-focused meal was surprisingly delicious. The meatless parsnip sausage was maple-y and delicious and the hash it came with was equally awesome. As someone who puts salt on everything, I didn’t feel the need to add it here, and that’s a big success. The sesame noodle salad dressing also blew my mind.

After tasting these dishes, I had to learn more, so I spoke to Greg Grossman, the company’s President who filled me in on the amazing work they’re doing.

1.  Can you explain the idea behind Kettlebell Kitchen?
The company started as a Paleo Diet Meal Prep company delivering to gym-goers (mostly in the Crossfit space), who were looking for precise nutrition solutions to meet their Macronutrient consumption requirements. Over time, we have evolved into a Personalized Nutrition Solution delivering custom meal plans to people everywhere, to assist in achieving your Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Paleo, Whole30, Ketogenic, Muscle Gain, and several other goals. Our mission is to help people change their lives through food. Through our customizable solution, using high-quality ingredients (Grass-Fed Beef, Local Produce, Antibiotic Free Chicken, etc), and omission of processed or refined ingredients (we omit Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Refined Sweeteners, Artificial ingredients, and more), we are making strides across the country in doing so.
2.  What prompted you to start the company?
Almost 5 years ago, I started the company with my partners Joe and Andy, who were in the Army and extremely passionate about health and fitness. Being a chef, I similarly saw a need to provide healthy, high-quality meals to individuals with specific health and wellness goals or nutrition needs. We joined forces and started Kettlebell Kitchen in a small kitchen in the Bronx, and just a few years later, we are providing food to thousands of customers each week, nationally.
3What is the process (ordering process) like?
Our ordering process differs based on whether you decide to place a single, a la carte order, or enroll in one of our 10 meal plans. Those who order a la carte can choose any combination of meals, snacks, and/or desserts — as long as the order total hits the $30 minimum.
For meal plan customers, we first collect demographic information such as height, weight, activity level, dietary restrictions, and goals, and then recommend the best meal plan based on this data. A selection of meals —curated by our in-house nutritionists — are then added to a customer’s cart. Meal plan customers can still adjust their meal selections, if they’d like. Customers can also decide how many meals they’ll receive per day.
Depending on how many meals customers decide to order, they’ll receive one or two deliveries per week. Those with two deliveries will receive a beginning of the week delivery on Sunday or Monday and a midweek delivery on Wednesday or Thursday.
We offer nationwide home delivery via FedEx, for a small shipping fee, and via courier to your door in many states. Additionally, our meals are available for complimentary pick up at our Kettlebell Kitchen Refrigerator Pickup Locations in gyms and offices throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions.
4. How do you come up with recipes that are both delicious and nutritious?
We have a fantastic team of chefs in New York and LA that are constantly working to come up with delicious and nutritious dishes, guided by our dietitian and nutrition team. We follow very specific guidelines for each of our plans and meal types, and purchase the best ingredients possible. Our cooking process is honed in research and development, and then the same precise and exacting standards are used in our weekly production to prepare the meals fresh and deliver them to you.
5. With so many allergies and restrictions lately, how do you adapt to dietary issues?
We take allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously. Our meals are all soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, which already makes our food safe to eat for many who deal with dietary restrictions. Transparency is also crucial to us — we provide a full ingredient list with every menu item we offer. This allows those with allergies to avoid meals that they aren’t able to eat.
6. What are the different meal plans and how do they differ?
We offer 10 different meal plans, all of which are tailored to a specific health goal. We just recently added a Complete Keto meal plan for those looking to follow a keto diet, and a Whole30-approved meal plan. All of our plans, along with a short description, are listed below:
Sports performance: Our Sports Performance plan is geared towards supporting athletic performance. With a focus on nutrient timing and portion size, this plan features meals that are higher in carbs and moderate in fat and protein to help you reach your peak performance, while minimizing the risk of excess body fat gain.
Muscle Gain: Our Muscle Gain plan focuses on achieving a caloric surplus — when you consume more calories than you burn. It features meals packed with carbohydrates, which fuel intensity in your workouts and provide the body with the building blocks for muscle tissue growth.
Fat Loss: Our Fat Loss plan uses a calorie deficit — when you consume fewer calories than you burn — to help the body shed fat. Featuring balanced meals that are high in fat and protein and low in carbs, this plan encourages the body to use fat for energy instead of storing it, while also providing adequate fuel for your metabolism and workouts.
Fat Loss (Sports): The Fat Loss (Sports) plan is our most flexible plan and combines meals from both our Fat Loss and Sports Performance plans. The goal is to provide you with a blend of both lower and higher carb options so you can time your higher carb meals around your workouts, while still eating to support fat loss.
Endurance: Our Endurance plan supports long-duration activity. The food in this plan serves as a longer burning fuel source as well as a replenishment for depleted muscles. Therefore, meals in this plan are both higher carb and lower carb, allowing you to time your meals and nutrients around your workouts.
Pure Paleo: Our Pure Paleo plan is perfect for those looking to support optimal health and wellness while following the fundamentals of the Paleo diet. Composed of a wide variety of minimally processed, nutrient dense, dairy, gluten, soy, and grain free meals, this plan is well balanced to sufficiently fuel your body.
Keto: Our Keto meal plan is designed to support a ketogenic diet. It includes meals rich in quality fats with small amounts of carbohydrates from low-starch vegetables and moderate protein to assist the achievement of ketosis- a state where your body is using fat for fuel instead of glucose.
Vegetarian: Composed of meals that include a variety of vegetables, healthy fats, and minimally processed grains and legumes, the vegetarian plan is meant for those looking to reach optimal wellbeing through clean, nutrient-dense, ingredients and plant-based meals.
Flexitarian: Our Flexitarian plan is meant for those looking to balance out their diets with both vegetarian and animal-protein-based meals. Composed of a combination of meals from our Vegetarian and Fat Loss plans, the Flexitarian plan allows you to choose your meals throughout the week to fit your personal nutrition preferences.
Whole30: Our Whole30 approved meals are free of grains, dairy, sugar, and legumes. Cutting these food groups out of your diet for 30 days helps you to determine which foods are negatively affecting your health and fitness. The goal of the Whole30 Program is to focus on eating real, whole foods and to allow your body to recover, heal, and ultimately, reset.
7. How has the reception been? And the results?
KBK meals are popular with top athletes and everyday customers alike. Many of our customers have shared impressive transformation stories that highlight significant weight loss. A number of athletes who consistently eat KBK report improved performance due to quality nutrition. Because of this positive reception, in just 5 short years, we’ve been able to expand greatly. We just recently opened a kitchen in Los Angeles to better serve our West Coast customers and plan to continue expanding throughout the country.
If you’re looking for a great meal that will also help you get those gainz, this might just be the meal plan for you. No prep involved (except maybe some light microwaving).