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Join LMHQ for a welcome back happy hour featuring your favorite back to school staples, the morning heroes of simpler times – Captain Crunch, Sugar Smacks, Count Chocula and more!

We’re bringing back your junior high dreams in a big, sugary way, complete with a splash of milk. We’ll be hosting a cereal bar with limited edition cereals and some nostalgic favorites, along with milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery.

What better way to fuel your jump back into the work saddle, meet new collaborators, and dream big, than to get sugared up with LMHQ? Oh, and we’ll also be screening John Hughes’ classic The Breakfast Club, because we’re going full circle here. For those who don’t like cereal (boring!), we’ll have some Brooklyn beers on hand.

Come hang out with us and get your back to school (er, work) started right!

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