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Last Friday we were taken on a ride at Lime-A-Rita Land to celebrate Lime-A-Rita‘s new ‘Make it a Margarita Moment’ Campaign, hosted by Jessie James Decker and held at the Eden Art Gallery in Soho. Of course as I entered Lime-A-Rita Land, I had to try a Margarita, as it has been a while since I had a Lime-A-Rita myself. There were three options and I decided to start off with the Jala-peno Margarita made with the classic Lime-A-Rita. The other cocktails included a Peach Lemonade and a Strawberry Mo-Jito.

Jessie James Decker
Credit: Stuart Ramson/Invision for Lime-A-Rita/AP Images

The whole place reminded me a little of an amusement park, with fun fruity margarita moments to take part in while you made your way to each station.

There were custom sweatshirts being made by Bow & Drape, designed with #MargaReady decals on the front with heart and dancing lady emojis to finish it off. You were also able to get your nails done by nail artist Julie Kandalec with Essie nail polish and fruit designs like watermelons, grapes, peaches and strawberries.

If you were feeling photo ready, you could get your Polaroid taken on a stage with white balloons on the ceiling and fruit designed floors with mirrors all around. If you were feeling artistic, you could add your tag name to the huge graffiti wall in the back. Jessie James Decker also had a spring preview of super cute designs from her fashion brand Kittenish.

You might be wondering what is a ‘Make it a Margarita Moment’. Well for their new campaign, Lime-A-Rita, a brand of Anheuser-Busch U.S. is adding pop-art inspired packaging designs and new flavors while delivering more margarita moments to women by women. Led by a team of female marketers, agency partners, and brewmasters, the brand is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a head to toe makeover including a new look and campaign.

The brand will also unveil five new flavors to the lineup this year. Being its first major redesign since 2012, the new design focuses on the margarita and simple, colorful fruit, which can make any margarita pop!

The five new flavors will include Grape-A-Rita, while Peach-A-Rita will be available through August as Lime-A-Rita’s new summer seasonal. With the launch of the new flavor, you can now create your own peach emoji!  Just head to  EmojiYourPeach.com, select your peach, size, shape, color and glow and share with your friends on social media!

The brand will also be launching Orange-A-Rita in select areas. Splash by Lime-A-Rita, a refreshing take on the traditional margarita with a lower alcohol by volume, will also add new flavors including Pine-Apple-Rita Splash nationally and a limited-edition flavor, Coco-Nut-Rita Splash, which will be available in a special variety pack starting in April, say hello to BBQs and Beach Days!

To more on the new Lime-A-Rita head to Limearita.com or follow #MargaReady on social.

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