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Last Tuesday we were invited to check out Italian craft beer, Birra Antoniana, for their U.S. Launch at the popular Neapolitan pizza shop, Ribalta located in East Village.

Birra Antoniana was founded in 2011 by Sandro and Michele Vecchiato in Padua, Italy, located in the northeast part of Italy. In 2013, the first bottle sold was the Birra Antoniana Stile Vienna, and the rest was history. The brand really focuses on the country and the diversity of its flavor profiles.

All the beers come from barley grown directly by the Birrificio Antoniano brewery. As for hops, there are two located in the Veneto region (where Padua is); with over 1000 different American and continental varieties.

Birra Antoniana is also a part of the Slow Brewing Association, which certifies the excellence of beer and brewers, so you know they are up to highest standards.

If you look closer at the label, you will find the logo, found on every bottle of Birra Antoniana. It is a reinterpretation of Donatello‘s statue of Gattamelata. The statue is a symbol of Padua and stands as protector in front of Basilica del Santo.

For the launch party , we were guided by Birra Antoniana founder Michele Vecchiato and alongside Ribalta’s to die for artisanal pizzas, charcuterie boards, and meatballs, we got to try the specialty brews. My personal favorite was the Marechiaro cause it seemed to go well with pretty much everything, and I am also not really one for bitter beers.

Birra Antoniana has over 10 brews, but 4 will be making their debut in the U.S. this summer:

Credit: Birra Antoniana

Birra Antoniana’s flagship Marechiaro : Specifically created as a perfect pair for Neapolitan pizza.
Style Italian Crisp Lager
Alcohol content 5,2 % vol
IBU* 19
Fermentation Bottom fermented
Color Light blonde
Taste Malt, herbal and floral hops aromas
What it’s like A crisp blonde beer with a good malty body that sustains the herbal and floral aromas of hops. A beer created to be paired with traditional Neapolitan dishes, first of all pizza

Credit: Birra Antoniana

Style Session Lager – Hoppy
Alcohol content 4,5 % vol
IBU* 33
Fermentation Bottom fermented
Color Light gold
Taste Refreshing and aromatic, gently dry, long aftertaste
What it’s like Light golden color, with a white foam rich and persistent. Citrusy, herbaceous, resinous, this beer impresses for its perfumes thanks to the wise use of hops. Pilsner and Vienna malt, the bouquet born from five different types of hops. Well balanced, elegant and dry, it amazes for easy drinkability and long final.

Credit: Birra Antoniana

Altinate: Bears some similarities to an IPA
Style Dry Hopped Lager
Alcohol Content 5,2% vol
Fermentation Bottom fermented
Color Deep gold
Taste hoppy, citrus, notes of mango and grapefruit
What it’s like Altinate is a low fermentation, deep colored beer. Its fine and compact foam accompanies the drinker right ’till the end of the glass. Altinate’s intense notes make it perfect alongside fish dishes and not to mention alongside vegetable soup, pork, bacon cheeseburger, sushi and sashimi.

Credit: Birra Antoniana

Vienna: A rich and malty
Style Vienna lager
Alcohol content 5,4% alcohol by volume
IBU* 20
Fermentation Bottom fermented
Color Gold with copper highlights
Taste Malt, crust of bread, caramel, biscuit
What it’s like Very refreshing, with malt notes and a full-bodied flavor. Its elegant body and refined finish make it unique and unforgettable

*IBU stands for International Bittering Unit: the scale used to measure hop bitterness in beer

Birra Antoniana’s will hit store shelves this summer, starting the first week of August. Available as draft or by the bottle, keep your eyes peeled next time you go to eat out or buy from a shop. Check out their Untappd profile, here!

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