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Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be granted tickets to NYCWFF’s festivities. For one of those events, we got to the chance to check out the 90’s Flashback Friday and Today Show’s Breakfast Pajama Party.

Walking into the venue of the 90’s Flashback Friday was a throwback in and of itself. The party was held in a the warehouse venue Industria, which surrounded us in cement walls with tons of space. After checking in, you’re greeted by the full bar of beer, wine and even Angry Orchard cider options in addition to the sponsor, Bacardi. Select cocktails, were almost too pretty to drink, as they were decked out in edible flowers.

Credit: NYCPlugged

Past the first bar was another room with walls lined with food vendors (aka, the reason we were there), broken up only by a stage, which would soon have our hosts.

My eyes immediately jumped to the first vendor, and one that was already a favorite of mine, Arancini Bros., who were serving up fried penne alla vodka fritters, which were every bit as incredible as they sound. Next up was an incredibly 90’s-centric and innovative dim sum creation featuring a dumpling instead of candy on a Ring Pop by Nom Wah Nolita. Genius!

Other savory highlights included garlicky and cheesy turnovers by Bowery Road, MacBar’s mac ‘n cheese, Rossopomodoro’s truffle pizza and it’s neighbor, Market Table’s pizza bagels.

I then found our way to dessert. I’ve had tons of variations of Dunkaroo substitutes and while they were pretty good, none really compared to the real thing. But tasting Savor by Sam’s version, I was converted. It also didn’t hurt, that they were served up with a shot of almond, regular or chocolate milk—I chose chocolate.

Along with those,  were some incredibly diverse flavors of Pop Tarts, including one that was filled with bourbon brownie, by the equally phenomenal William Greenberg Desserts.

And once we made our way through those eats, we got to dance it off. DJ Ruckus and the iconic Rev Run were brought on stage to play the ultimate 90’s concert.

The only thing they were missing was the Sunny D!

Rev Run
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It’s hard to follow up such a solid night, but we were more than excited to wake up the next morning for the Breakfast Pajama Party thrown by Today Show hosts, Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones at the Kellogg’s Cafe.

To start, nostalgia was at 100. When you factor in your favorite childhood cereals, that’s all but a definite. And of course, Pop Tarts made an appearance here too…because breakfast.

The vendors showed up too! Coco and Cru had some amazing Rice Krispie infused toast topped with avocado—gotta bring the modern touches, right?

Mezetto brought the fall vibes with a maple, Apple Jacks and Shredded Wheat topped sweet potato, while Sweet Afton Bar provided some of the best cheese danishes (topped with Apple Jacks) we’ve ever tasted. Seriously, they were so amazing we tucked one into a napkin and snacked on it later.

There were also some Cocoa Puff whipped cream topped waffles from the Conrad, so good we were licking the plate, pigs in a blanket from Madcap Cafe, and even some coffee-infused drinks from Grand Brulot.

Armed with some new favorite vendors to visit, a Kellogg’s bowl for the next day’s breakfast and some very full stomachs we can honestly say, these were two successful and mind-blowing events, we were ecstatic not to have missed.

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