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168 Duane Street (Duane and Hudson)

We are incredibly excited to host Simon Crompton for the official U.S. launch party of his new book Permanent Style Presents: The Style Guide. On hand will be a selection of Suntory cocktails as well as beer and refreshments.

Leading menswear writer Simon Crompton and photographer Jamie Ferguson have combined on a new book, entitled ‘The Style Guide’.

Although structured as a series of street-style portraits, the book deliberately contains analysis, advice and practical information alongside the imagery.

The men featured in the book are many of the leading lights of international menswear. Yasuto Kamoshita, creative director of United Arrows, is pictured on the cover, while inside are the likes of Mark Cho, Michael Drake, Valentino Ricci and Michael Williams.

Printed in London on a beautiful uncoated paper, with otter binding and a gloss insert, you can purchase your own copy here on April 13th.

RSVP at nyc@thearmoury.com

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