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Pitching a new client? Going out for funding? Having a high-profile meeting with your boss?

Speaking in front of others can be challenging – you want to communicate your ideas with confidence, but your nervous energy causes you to ramble and you don’t land your message with the impact you had hoped for.

Fear not! Join us at LMHQ for this experiential public speaking and presentation skills workshop with GoldJam Creative that will help you engage your listeners while feeling comfortable and in control.

During this 2-hour workshop, participants will:
Work on your body language and vocal methods to win audiences over
Use improv techniques and power posing to build confidence
Channel your natural charisma by building your public speaking “alter ego”
Recognize presentation pitfalls specific to you, and learn how to get around them
Avoid “death by PowerPoint” – enhance presentations by making them more exciting, engaging, and memorable
Apply newly-learned tools in the moment to present in front of the group (in a supportive environment!) and receive personalized feedback

Start thinking creatively to produce memorable presentations and actually enjoy yourself in the process! Grab your ticket and build a new relationship with public speaking.

Please wear clothing you feel comfortable moving in, if possible. This workshop will be fun and highly interactive!

Tickets: $75

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