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Last week, Robb Vices, a curated subscription box service, celebrated their 1 year anniversary in the heart of Soho at Cadillac House. How many times have you ordered a subscription box, only to be disappointed, only after a few months? Well Robb Vices strives to not let that happen, with thought out pieces, each with different story behind them.

Last month’s (August) box was inspired by Cadillac House, which combines luxury and innovation, just like the one of a kind items you can find in a the Robb Vices box. Items from the box included a mini cake flight from the BK Barons, who were also giving a taste of their whiskey cakes that night. A sleek french press, specially designed by W&P Design, and since you really can’t do much with just a french press, also packaged is a special Joe Coffee blend, called The Runabout, paying homage the first Cadillac ever driven. You can then also grind your beans with the small and compact coffee grinder from Javamill; oh Robb Vices you think of it all! Let’s not forget the Passion Fruit and Citrus scented candle from Aquiesse, so you can take in the aromas as you sip your fresh brewed coffee.

That’s only a sliver of what Robb Vices boxes can offer, from spirits and wine and food, to polished tools and products.

If you want a little more visual insight and satisfaction, here’s a look at boxes from past months:

October Box
Dolce “Liquid Gold” dessert wine and Master and Dynamic MH40 headphones

oct box

September Box
Mast Brothers sea salt chocolate

sept box

May Box
Finlay & Co “Jenson” handmade wooden sunglasses

may box

April Box
Clase Azul Plata Tequila

april box

March Box
Worth & Worth customized handmade woven hat

march box

February Box
Noir Caviar

feb box

To start a Robb Vices subscription of your own, it’s super simple:

  • Choose your plan that’s right for you and set up an account with Robb Vices
  • Robb Vices partners with great brands to deliver a unique set of items to your door each month
  • Once a month you will receive a selection of curated products and experiences

Love What You Hear? Sign Up Here!

Want to step into the special night?? Check out the photos below!

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