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The Skinny
174 Orchard Street

This summer Rolling Rock and Secret Walls have come together to throw an awesome event that combines the best of both worlds. ART and BEER. Need we say more.

One hour Open bar provided by Rolling Rock, live DJ set by the Get Summered crew, hosted by none other than SUCKLORD. We have two awesome competitors both have been seen on America’s #1 tattoo competition show INK Masters, Tommy Helm VS Cris Element.

DJ: DJ K styles of Get Summered
Cover: Open Bar with RSVP

Sucklord- The Sucklord is a New York pop artist. He manufactures awesome unlicensed action figures and toys through his company, Suckadelic.com #sucklord

Tommy Helm- Is a tattoo artist featured on season one of Ink Master. The Owner of Empire State Studio, in Oceanside, New York. He also has his own spin-off show, Tattoo Nightmares.

Cris Element- can be seen on “Inkmaster Season 5”.

RSVP Here!

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