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On September 26th , we were invited to the VIP Launch Event of “A Taste of Iceland”, sponsored by Iceland Naturally.

I was very intrigued by the opportunity to experience Icelandic culture during the return of #tasteofIceland, a multi-day festival of food, drinks, music, film and design with various locations and prices – though most were free! Taste of Iceland introduced Brooklyn to a jam-packed weekend of Iceland Naturally’s famous cultural festival that highlighted the best of Iceland.

The four-day festival highlighted the very best of Iceland’s culture. Over the course of the four-day festival, New Yorkers had the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy authentic Icelandic cuisine at Norman
  • Learn how to craft quintessential Icelandic cocktails for free at Meadowsweet
  • Experience a free live Icelandic Reykjavik Calling concert (featuring Vök) at the Knitting Factory
  • Attend a free Icelandic short-film screening at Film Noir Cinema
  • Partake in a free lecture around Iceland’s thriving design and architectural scene at A/D/O

Since I am planning a 2019 Iceland adventure myself, this was the perfect opportunity to get a first-hand experience of Scandanavian culture. Once I arrived at A/D/O, the ladies of smallgirlsPR greeted me and Ms. Anna Craven made me feel extremely comfortable and very welcomed. The décor was impeccable and the table setting was divine.

To kick things off, Iceland President Guðni Jóhannesson gave a delighted speech and a warm welcome as we enjoyed delicious cocktails by renowned Icelandic mixologist Teitur Ridderman Schiöth and Reyka Vodka Brand Ambassador Trevor Schneider. We dined on an exclusive pop-up menu and experienced a culinary adventure by Chef Georg Arnar Halldórsson, one of Iceland’s most prestigious culinary experts, in collaboration with Stephan Ilnyckyj, Executive Chef of Norman. Our four-course meal was complete with impeccably prepared fillet of cod and Icelandic lamb.

Check Out Iceland’s #FoodPorn Below …


Icelandic Salmon

With tomatoes and Icelandic wasabi


Fillet of Cod

With turnips, wild garlic, sunflower seeds and langoustine broth


Iceland Lamb Eye of Loin

With summer squash, black garlic, grilled onion and sauce gastrique with dung-smoked lamb fat


Icelandic Provisions Skyr Ice Cream

With Omnom Chocolate and chanterelle mushrooms

Icelandic Provisions Skyr Ice Cream
Credit: NYC Plugged

Icelandic Menu at Norman – Cocktails

Svartafell​ (winner of the national Brennivin competition 2016)

Brennivín, Montenegro, raspberry, fresh lemon, rhubarb bitter, egg-white

Not Quite Yoghurt

Brennivín, Icelandic provisions strawberry lingonberry skyr, milk, pomegranate, fresh lemon

Arctic Forest Fizz

Reyka vodka, fresh lime, chervil, arctic thyme, reindeer moss shrub, bubbles

Into the Glacier #2

Reyka vodka, violet liqueur, fresh lemon, hint of eucalyptus

I mingled with notable Icelandic designers, musicians, artists and the Iceland Naturally team from Iceland’s top companies and organizations such as Blue Lagoon, City of Reykjavik, Government of Iceland, and Icelandair. The acclaimed, multi-day festival showcased the best of Iceland and offered attendees an experiential glimpse into Iceland’s rich culture. The events did a great job highlighting the Nordic nation’s culture – we can’t wait to visit Iceland! Taste of Iceland’s last stop will be in Toronto November 5th.

Guests interested in making a reservation at Norman, can do so online via OpenTable at Norman, 29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

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