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If you haven’t heard of Dessert Goals, NYC’s first dessert festival, you must be hiding out from the Dessert Gods. Attended by dessert-lovers everywhere, Dessert Goals represents everything your inner kid craves, and is sort of a dentists dream and worst nightmare rolled into one.

The 21 vendor options were enough to satisfy any sweet tooth, whether you’re a chocolate gal, a doughnut guy or crave anything in between.

baba cool was the first station to greet guests and offered a more healthy option of what they call a Dragonbowl, filled with yogurt, seeds and edible flowers. Next up was Van Leeuwen, who features classic and vegan ice cream options, and shelled out vegan brownies, for-Dessert-Goals-only ice cream bon bons, and scoops of their infamous ice cream.

Other ice cream choices included Coolhaus, known for their wacky and personalized cookie and ice cream combinations, Mochidoki, the first ever combination of mochi and ice cream, and Taiyaki, everyones favorite waffle cone in the shape of a fish and filled with matcha ice cream.

Some childhood treats made an appearance in the form of innovatively flavored Rings Dings from Ring Ding Bar, a twist on Reese’s peanut butter cups from Jessie’s Nutty Cups, and Twinkies and Pop Tarts from Jae NYC Eats. In addition, Silk Cakes and Rare Bird Sweets offered some creative takes on classic cupcakes and treats.

The buzzworthy Underwest Donuts, who actually has one location in a car wash, offered a special celebration donut with funfetti cake and caramel cotton candy topping.

There were several s’mores options including Boqueria’s mouthwatering churro s’mores. Two flat, round churros filled with freshly scorched marshmallows and gooey chocolate, and Sweet Dames chocomallows, made with coconut macaroons sandwiching chocolate and caramel covered marshmallows.

And speaking of macaroons, their newer and popular counterpart were present in the form of a French macaron from Stache of Goods, which came in wacky characters like unicorns. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop also served up some of their Cookie Pie slices topped with chocolate, almonds and  frosting.

Other fun treats included shortbread bricks filled with pineapple or coconut from The Brick Pastry Boutique, brigadieros (tiny Brazilian truffles) from Little Treats, amazing mousse cups from Johan’s, cheese caramels from Call Me Caramel, funky Cake Pops from Rebecca’s Cake Pops and banana pudding that tasted like ice cream from Baonanas.

Dylan’s Candy Bar provided an unlimited candy filling station, and Juicy Couture’s new fragrance Viva La Juicy Sucre sponsored an Instagram garden for all your jealousy-inducing photo-taking needs, including awesome photo backgrounds, props included.

There was also some coffee from Bodum and Intelligentsia and a salt bar with pretzels, chips and more to cut through the overload of sweets- if you needed it. And when you wanted a break, there was an adorable hangout area complete with gummy bear shaped chairs, well because… DESSERT!

The next Dessert Goals NYC is expected to drop down in August, so be sure to keep an eye out for tickets. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss this again.

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