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The Quest for the Best Margarita at the #MargaritaRumble

Credit: NYC Plugged

Finally the perfect day had arrived! Hello wonderful weekend. The sun was out and the weather was just right. After weeks of miserable rain and chilly days, everyone was just dying to be outside, soaking in the sun. Luckily for us, we did just that this past Saturday! What better way to rejoice then enjoying a refreshing cocktail on a rooftop?  We enjoyed our weekend margaritas at Margarita Rumble held at the Dobbin St venue in Williamsburg, BK.

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner. It was imperative to find the best margarita NYC has to offer ASAP. Craft Hospitality was on to something genius when they put this fun spring event together.

With the help of Don Julio Tequila, who provided the best part of the margarita, The TEQUILA! restaurateurs from all over the city battled it out to see who had the best Rita.

Let the fiesta begin. I walked in expecting to be carried out, lol just kidding, but honestly I wasn’t leaving till I tried all 15 of the competitors creations, before casting my vote, and OMG there were so many good ones!

There were fruity and sweeter ones, like the “TEQUILA STRIKES BACK” from Agave which featured beet infused syrup & hibiscus. A passion fruit one with sour candy worms in the bottom from Roccos Taco’s & Tequila Bar; the inner child in me was pleased. Also a hit on what felt like a hot summer day was Javelina’s frozen white peach margarita, just to name a few.

Now that my taste buds were warmed up, I felt it was time to move on to my personal favorites, margaritas with a kick. There were some muy caliente ones over at the Calexico table, offering a jalepeño mint. The smokey pineapple & muddled jalapeño with chili combo from Dos Caminos, and the “skinny” made using only watermelon, lime juice and jalapeños for the purest at heart, from Arriba Arriba.

Ones I didn’t expect to try were extra “special”. Temerario had a margarita made with tamarind paste and their special Sal de Gusano (worm salt). YES WORMS! Or The Black Ant’s margarita, which was made with chicatana ants! When in Rome… Hey what’s a couple of creepy crawlers in our cocktails when we’re having fun. The ants were grounded up into the salt of the rim and it was delicious! Seconds please.

We all became one big family after 3 hours of drinking tequila, dancing to DJ Tom Macari,  and posing tipsy for the photo booth. I felt I like I was pre-gaming for Cinco de Mayo. All the vendors used fresh ingredients, premier tequila, and served them up with a smile. I never met a margarita that I didn’t like, which made it very hard to pick a winner.

This being said, I have to give a big a congratulations to the Margarita Champs at Javelina who won the crowd over with the only frozen margarita of the day. Already looking forward to next year!

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