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622 Degraw Street

We’re about to turn things up to Eleven at the skint’s Stranger Things-themed Halloween party.

Brooklyn’s littlefield turns Upside Down with a nearly-All Hallow’s Eve blowout featuring nostalgia-inducing tracks from 1983 and beyond spun by DJ Steve Reynolds (mix master of Party Like It’s 1999), a supernatural photographic experience by Ventikoland, video projections, and so many flashing Christmas lights that your inner Winona might just lose it.

So, should you stay or should you go? Well, with $5-8 themed drink specials, as much candy as a hungry Demogorgon could possibly want, and Eleven-style buzzcuts and Barb makeovers all night long, the choice is as obvious as Hawkins vs. the Upside Down.

Oh, and Eggos. There will be Eggos.

Even though this is a Stranger Things-inspired affair, it’s still Halloween. So dress up however you like; we promise not to judge. Except for during the costume contest (with prizes).

$5 in advance, $8 at the door

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