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The first Nike Air Max sneaker was released on March 26, 1987, Making March 26th “Air Max Day”. Last weekend for the 30th Anniversary of the Air Max, Nike Celebrated Air Max Day in style at Skylight Clarkson Sq.

The Sneakerheads who lined up around the block came ready to party in their favorite Air Max sneakers. A beautiful sight, of classics, re-releases, limited editions and this year’s Air Max releases. Personally the Comme Des Garcon and the Triple Black AirVApor Max were our favorite of this year.  As we all restlessly waited for the doors to open, most conversations consisted of “where did you get those?” And “do you know who the special performer is?”. Baby it was all worth it.

We walked through a mirror encased hallway, giving us a 360 view of our flyness, took our IG worthy pictures against the Air Max wall, and walked into a fog filled epic party. Nike treated us all like VIPS. Hello open bars, Yes Please, I’ll have another slider. All the cool kids were there, the influencers, the socialites, swag lords, people from Hypebeast and Complex. DJ ogchaseb played all the bangers, and we danced danced danced, totally forgetting it was a Sunday night and had work the following day.

Granted we were having a great time…Then without warning DJ Ogchaseb said “we’re gonna keep this party going” threw on a Tavis Scott  song, and Travis Scott himself blessed the stage. We all lost our sh*t!!!. The man went wild in his Marc Newson Air Vapormax. He performed on a long mirrored rectangular runway style stage, in the center of the room which reflected the led screens placed on top. It was glorious, because it reflected all the lighting giving off a cool super effect. Most importantly you had a great view from any angle. I must say Travis Scott LOVES his fans, and we love him. It was clear he was there for more than just a paycheck. He rapped some of his hits  Antidote, Goosebumps, and through the late night as he jumped around from side to side, pointing his mic into the crowd. We all knew his songs of course,  screaming till we lost our voices, and ended the event by bum rushing and joining him on the stage. The mosh pit was insane. I couldn’t believe I was on stage with thy Travis Scott. It was all love, and no one got hurt. I can’t wait to see what Nike cooks up next year!

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