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Authors Shelley Onderdonk and Rebecca Bloom are excited to announce the release of their first cookbook, The Anti-Cookbook: Easy, Thrifty Recipes for Food-Smart Living. Self-released from their publishing company, Claws Out, the book is made to fit anyone’s style of cooking.

The Anti-Cookbook is a book for parents, their young-adult children, people on-the-run and lifestyle “hackers” far and wide who are sick of the word “hack” being used in every sentence. As the authors say, “You don’t hack your life—you hack an organic potato and cook it till the edges are crispy.”

The cookbook is for idealists and realists, environmentalists and simplifiers. And for anyone who is looking for healthful, economical and reasonable strategies for eating well and being a respectful human being on planet earth–without all the stress and added sodium

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