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Have you ever wondered what Willy Wonka’s parties are like? Well, it’s sort of what I think M&M’s first Spotlight event translates to in 2017.

M&M chocolate’s are constantly innovating. With new and whimsical flavors, M&M Spotlight Series brings together music and sweets in a way that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a tech-y candyland. M&M’s are no strangers to music either; their commercials constantly feature their signature characters playing a piano or singing, so it was only a matter of time.

Their first concert of the summer took place at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. Brooklyn Bowl is a concert hall and bowling alley combo, making it the perfect setting. Guests were greeted by a room full of fun and interactive stations.

The ‘Bite Size Beats’ station had iPads and headphones set up, allowing each guest to mix his or her own beat. Next to that was a Virtual Reality Experience, which took you into the M&M home. Each person donned giant goggles and headphones and could wander through the rooms lived in by each color of M&M, learning about them, their history and their personalities. There was also a GIF booth to capture the occasion!

On your way toward the concert hall/bowling area, you were probably stopped dead in your tracks by a display of assorted M&M flavors. Though none of the new limited edition flavors, like Strawberry Nut and Coffee Nut, were available- a missed opportunity in my humble opinion- they had all the frontrunners including plain, peanut, crispy and pretzel. All gratis!

The VIP section gave guests the option to bowl while they waited for the concert to start, and served platters of appetizers including wings, crudite and sliders. And of course, they also offered giant jars with even more bags of M&M’s.

DNCE was an incredible choice for a musical guest. Their energy onstage had everyone mesmerized and gave this lighthearted event the perfect touch of whimsical excitement. They hopped around the stage, danced like no one was watching- although in truth no one could stop watching- threw T-shirts and M&Ms to the audience and engaged the audience in a way some performers can’t.

The company isn’t giving away any details about future concerts, but rest assured another is coming later this summer, so stay tuned to mms-spotlight.com for more information and make sure you don’t miss the next one!

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