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Samsung 837
837 Washington Street

Next Up at Samsung 837 is a series of music performances focusing on the best emerging talent. This Wednesday, May 18th, we welcome Emmy the Great for an intimate performance on the Main Stage. About the Artist: Hong Kong-born, UK-raised singer’s released two solo albums, she released a soundtrack for the film Austenland and does original music for the Mystery Show podcast, and this past March she released her third, Second Love (her debut was titled First Love).

On Second Love, Emma-Lee Moss delves into the chambers of a human heart ever-connected to the glare of a nearby screen. This is an album imbued with modern sounds, a nod to new eras, while maintaining the human warmth always associated with an ETG album. The songs are full of emotion and questioning, with the chatter of friends and collaborators “coded” into the sonic landscape.

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