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Despite the fact that I can’t stand scary movies, I usually won’t say no to a good haunted house. Sometimes a little scare can be good for you, especially in a controlled environment (I know, this seems oxymoronic). But, if like me, you are looking for a place to get your scream on, look no further than these NYC local haunts for a good thrill this season.

1. Blood Manor

Easily the most recognizable of the bunch, Blood Manor is a yearly pop-up downtown at 163 Varick Street. The approximately 5,000 square foot space is filled with rooms, and corridors holding numerous costumed ghouls, goblins, zombies and more. Having gone a few times, I can confidently say it’s creepy without being heart-attack-inducing and you can rest assured that no character will actually touch you.
So even though it might creep you the F out, you’re 100% safe the whole time. And if you don’t, they also have emergency exits throughout for a quick escape. You can get your tickets here or at the door.

2. Bayville Scream Park

Bayville is a Long Island based theme park that screams Halloween (until November 4 that is). The park is home to 6 different haunted houses including Bayville Haunted Asylum, Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Uncle Needle’s Funhouse of Fear (in 3D), Temple of Terror, Evil in the Woods, and The Cage.
Get over there if you want to be surrounded by ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and more haunted creatures guaranteed to spook the hell out of you.

3. Haunted Hotel

The Gravesend Inn’s Haunted Hotel is a high-tech event, held every year. They’re open from 10/19-10/31 and according to Time Out NY, “Every year, students in City Tech’s Theatreworks program produce the attraction from the ground up, with skeleton pirates, talking paintings and a grisly bathroom.” Sensors are set off by audience movement which triggers some additional creepiness.
Definitely worth a visit if you fancy figuring out some tech tricks or want the spook without the potential of being approached by actual people as much.


4. Candlelight Ghost Tours

Not a fan of Haunted Houses? Why not try your hand at a ghost tour? Everything is spookier in October and ghost tours are no exception. You can opt for anything from “#1 Most Haunted Place in NYC” and the new-this-year, Dead-of-Night Candlelight Ghost Tour & Investigation With Paranormal Investigator Dan Sturges.
Grab your sweetie or whatever friend you keep handy, to keep you safe as you learn you about the city you live in.


5. I Survived the Room: The Order

Adding a little flair to the Escape Room trend, The Order comes complete with a cast of actors, effects/lighting and more in addition to your typical clues and puzzles.
The Order’s plot involves an ancient society that you can only enter once you pass initiation. It has multiple possible endings, so you can go even though; although you may want to check it out once to make sure you’re not too frightened on try #1.


October 27th seems to be the official Halloween celebration date this year (since the 31st is on a Wednesday), but these events have multiple October dates, so you can stretch out the celebration as long as the department stores have been for years–ok, maybe not that long, but at least for most of October. Pick one, grab a friend and check it out!

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