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Still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? You’re in luck because HTC 10, HTC’S new flagship phone has all the features the special man in your life will definitely love!

I got the chance to test out the new HTC 10 back in Mid-April when it first launched, checking off  many of the features I usually look for in a smartphone.

HTC has always been ahead of the game, being the world’s first 3G smartphone, continuing to cultivate its product and aiming for that perfect 10. Now with the HTC 10, we have the world’s first dual OIS , which pretty much means you can say good bye to those lost moments because of annoying blurry images.

Here are some of the HTC 10 specs which make it all worth it.

Say hello to a solid metal covering meant to better withstand those occasional butterfingers while keeping with the sleekness we all love.

Has the world’s first dual OIS, 12MP UltraPixel sensor, a faster laser focus and more to create selfie worthy images and crisp videos.


Comes with HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi speakers, for the music lovers out there. You’re also able to create a Personal Audio Profile and to make the experience better add HTC’s headphones specially made for the 10’s Hi-Res audio, perfect for movies or your favorite jam.

Apps launch twice as fast, especially ones you like to use alot, all thanks to HTC 10’s auto-optimization and reduced bloatware.

HTC 10 also has super “handy” fingerprint security, which registers faster everytime you use it.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors (read super fast) for awesome performance.

An enhanced 4G LTE  means a faster network and easier roaming for the traveler in us.

HTC 10’s screen has a 2K LCD display that displays 30% more color, so you can enjoy movies or photos the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

One of my most favorite features however is the the new HTC Freestyle Layout which gives you the freedom to get creative and move away from the standard grid layout. With inventive themes covering images to sound, you can move icons and widgets in pretty much any orientation.


Battery life
Don’t we all hate a phone that works phenomenally, but dies before you get to experience all? Well you won’t have that problem with HTC 10. It’s PowerBotics system delivers up to 30% longer battery life.

Even when its time for your phone to get a boost it will charge super fast with the Quick Charge 3.0 charger, which can charge up to to 50% in just 30 minutes…now you’re talking my language.

Storage and RAM
The HTC 10 comes with a 32GB storage capacity, which can always be expanded with a microSD card up to 2TB.
RAM is 4GB, which makes multi-tasking easier.

Love what you hear or want to see it for yourself?

The HTC 10 can be purchased online, through your T-mobile, Verizon or Sprint service, or even unlocked.

More HTC 10 Here!

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