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Stage 37
508 W. 37th Street

This ain’t your typical ✨ fashion show ✨ y’all! We can’t say much because #mystery & #intrigue, but we can promise that this will be an unforgettable, truly unmissable night of feminism + performance art + rad party times ?, in a 12,000 sq. foot warehouse, no less.

Plz wear white (this is ???, pinky swear).

AND SUPES IMPORTANT: There will be NO ADMISSION after 6:55pm.

There will also be post-show booze & bites & bands and there may or may not be cocktails with names like To Queef at Sunrise (say it aloud for lols).

P.S. it’s free and not even invite-only because we’re rebels. ? So c’mon over (c’mon over baaaby) or good luck findin’ a cure for your FOMO.

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