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Credit: Stretch Relief

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending one-on-one sessions at the Stretch Relief studio, located in Midtown East . The spaceis pleasantly intimate and inviting, lending itself to cater to clients direct needs and concerns. The mission of the studio is to improve flexibility, mobility and focus on post workout recovery.

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I experienced two of their featured classes, with one of their very knowledgeable trainers, Robin. The first class, ‘Foam Rolling’, utilized a cylinder shaped foam roller, which is used to warm up the muscles and increases flexibility; helping you recover faster after a workout. Although not difficult, it requires upper body strength at times to balance yourself. The foam roller can be placed along any limb and rolled up and down or side to side, to maximize stretching and tension. The perks of this class are that it focuses on problem areas, and gives you a thorough stretch for tense muscles. Obviously we can’t forget the best part, the 3 speed Hypervolt portable massage device, which has vibrating pulses to massage muscles, relieve soreness and increase blood flow. IT WAS AMAZING!!

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The second class titled ‘Endurance Strength’ kicked things up a notch, it was time to sweat! Over the course of 45 minutes, my instructor and I embarked on a range of various stretches and exercises, which definitely tested my capacity for the movements. This included a yoga, which aims to increase your stretching potential and maximum mobility, as well as, endurance stretch which incorporates fitness equipment. During this class, I was introduced to an elastic rope which wraps around your feet, to increase hamstring stretch and pressure. This was great for identifying tighter areas of the body, that could use repair and recovery with the proper techniques. After class was over, I was given an assessment based off my movement and mobility range during the class . This assessment identifies muscle imbalances which could be causing tension. Lets just say, my back is feeling soo much better these days.

Credit: Stretch Relief

What I loved most about the classes is that it’s designed for all fitness levels. If you have never worked out a day in your life (like myself), you won’t feel intimidated. Everything is designed to unlock tight restricted areas, and grow stronger through deliberate movements. The instructors walk you through each exercise, and show you how to personalize it to reach your maximum potential.

If this peaks your interest, head over to Stretch Relief to take advantage of the group and one on one sessions. They even offer one on one sessions- in home! You can access information on their trainers, pricing, and weekly schedules.

Credit: NYC Plugged

Stretch Relief
235 E 60th St (Btwn. 2nd & 3rd Ave)


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