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Credit: Bar Pa Tea

Is bubble/boba tea your thing? Well lucky for you, a new location just opened up shop in NYC. A quality upscale bubble tea shop called Bar Pa Tea, sister to Pa Tea in Chinatown.

Last week we visited and tasted a few of their yummy creations. The new space is aptly designed; the white walls and menu feel elegant and clean, and the pops of color everywhere are just in the right amounts. The bright and sometimes multi-colored teas definitely also brings the place to life.

Credit: NYC Plugged

Many of the drinks contain various ingredients, which adds contrast for that perfect Instagram shot. Using either juice, tea or cookie toppings, the drinks combinations are plentiful and delicious. You can make an order your own, by choosing large or small tapioca balls for your tea, and hot or cold temperatures depending on how your feeling that day or precisely how hot it is. You also have the option make your teas into a float.


After checking out the amazing drinks and treats, we spoke the staff to find out what about Bar Pa Tea sets them apart from other tea spots. The fact that they use quality and natural ingredients, in addition to freshly made juice, gives way to the same flavorful bubble tea your used to, just without harmful ingredients, such as HFCS, found in some traditional bubble teas. Each tea has a unique flavor and is carefully prepared for the ultimate perfection.

Photo Credit: Bar Pa Tea

My overall favorites were the Oolong Tea Ice Cream, the for toppings, the honey crunch pretzels and Oreo milkshake with mixed bubbles. The Iron Goddess, Grapefruit Green Tea with Umeboshi, and Matcha Lemonade were close seconds.

Photo Credit: Bar Pa Tea


Bar Pa Tea is located at 85 Kenmare, right near the Spring Street stop on the 6. It is open Sunday through Thursday from noon-9pm and a little later on Fridays and Saturdays, closing at 10pm. Stop by and try the goodness it hold for yourself!

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