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If you’re looking for a spooky, yet family friendly Halloween activity, look no further because The Great Jack O ‘Lantern Blaze offers just that!

Van Cortlandt Manor, a National Historic Landmark and museum, sets the foundation annually for The Great Jack O ‘Lantern Blaze, which is also a stone throw away from the historic town of Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County, New York. Last weekend we discovered a dazzling display of more than 7,000 illuminated Jack O’ Lanterns, which are all designed and hand-carved by an onsite team of artisans.

As soon as you enter the grounds, a roped path takes you right to the first installment “Celtic Knots” which pays homage to the Jack O’ Lantern roots in Irish folklore. The intricacy on the pumpkins is unreal.

Credit: NYC Plugged

After this we witnessed a fully functioning Pumpkin Carousel (music included), twirling around right before our eyes. Our only regret is not getting a chance to ride! Next we wandered into the Pumpkin Planetarium which showcases a twist on the age-old fascination of stargazing. This installment will leave you star-stuck (pun intended), for a while, as it features an array of illuminated patterns and designs.

Next we strolled across the Pumpkin Zee Bridge to see our lady liberty like we’ve never seen her before; made of Jack O‘ Lanterns!  A truly magical sight to see, this installation will leave you awe inspired.

Keeping in line with the spirited Halloween theme, the next  installment is a creepy crawly spider web, and of course the artisans didn’t stop short of including an otherwise terrifying spider to accompany the huge web.

Beware, the Jack O’ Lanterns are so mesmerizing you’ll want to touch them. Luckily the roped path offers visitors the chance to get close enough to grab an insta-worthy picture. We must admit, the path can get a bit congested due to everyone aiming to grab the perfect shot. Some of the installations such as the “Jack in the Box”, are on a timer to light up in increments so you have to wait a minute to catch it from the beginning.

A tid-bit to those visiting might find helpful, don’t use the flash on your camera due to the jack o ‘lanterns internal glow. The aesthetics will look amazing, trust me.  Once you get into the flow of the attraction, you can always head back to grab a better picture of the spooktastic jack o ‘lanterns. This attraction is currently open until November 24th and on Halloween night. You can buy tickets here!

Credit: NYC Plugged

The Great Jack O ‘Lantern Blaze
525 S Riverside Avenue
Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520

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